James Tse

James, Winner of the Canadian National Championship (1st place) and a Member of the Canadian Hair World Team in London. James has this approach to hair care: "Hair is life and should be somthing to be proud of," say's James of Sets Hair. "You should be willing to take a look at what hair is and how to protect it. After all, it's one of the first things people look at and judge your worth. Healthy hair indicates a healthy life." In 2006, Flare magazine mentioned James as one of the best stylist in Canada


Chris Tse

Chris, who has won twenty-one trophies in various hair styling competitions, has this to say about hairstyles and life in general. "Anything is possible and you can be beautiful despite what you think of yourself. Hair styles should suit your life and your image. Nothing else matters. Just remember, the harder the challenge, the better off you are.



Susie is an individual who has vast experience and her idea of hair styling is clean, understated, and with class. A person who helps you to inspire confidence in your self and enhances your total look.


Sara Dandeneau

A person who knows the youth scene, she is never far away from understanding those who are in the process of gathering themselves for a big party. She knows what you need and what you want to make an impression at your next at your next night out on the town.


Simon Tse

Understanding that people want action, Simon Tse is not one to be mild. His bold approach towards hair and hair styling makes him a favourite with the young fashion concious public. "Be calm, be cool, and be seen. That's what you want in clubs, bars, and social settings."